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              May I get your designs tattooed?
Absolutely! I can't think of a greater honor and compliment
then having someone wear my art for life.

      Do I have to pay for the rights or buy a print?
I'm very grateful to those that give support by purchasing my art to take to their tattoo artist. Just like your tattooist, my art is how I make my living. I understand that my images are easily accessible online, but greatly appreciate and ask that you purchase a print of the design you wish to get tattooed. Art prints are available in my Etsy shop for purchase.

                     Website Tattoo Gallery:
If you choose to have my art tattooed, please send me a photo via my Etsy or FB page. I would love to see it! If you would prefer it not be added to the tattoo gallery, please let me know - I will completely respect your privacy. I'm happy to give your tattoo artist credit and include a link to their shop with your photo.


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